A ‘quizzical' look at alternative words

A ‘quizzical' look at alternative words

I was tempted to say that this month’s Wordsmith’s World is all about synonyms because January 18 is Thesaurus Day.

But actually, and not for the first time, I have been inspired to get typing out my latest copywriting blog by … television.

More specifically, one of my favourite quiz shows – Pointless.

I always love the words rounds on the show, but a recent Pointless Celebrities episode had a round of ‘synonyms for TV shows’ and so I was in my element.

Titles of TV shows were described with different words that meant the same and an actor and year(s) of broadcast were also included as clues.

A few of the synonyms I guessed correctly are below:



Anonymous physician.

The highest singing voices in the choir.

And here’s the one I didn’t.

Jackson Five.

It also reminded me of an appropriate – sorry IDONEOUS – Mental Floss article about ‘smart synonyms’ which we should be using.

But enough ‘jactancy’ from me about my quiz success above. 

I’ll bet several of you are wondering if you’ve got all five Pointless clues right so scroll down for the answers…



Dr Who


Band of Brothers